Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Woman falls in love with sperm donor 12 years after having kid

9 - Police use forgotten ID to catch person who broke into station and ate chicken dinner

8 - Woman breaks into police station in attempt to get to officer that she has been sexually harassing

7 - Video surfaces of Milwaukee bus driver saving the life of lost 1-year-old baby last month

6 - Northwestern student gets call from school requesting that she stop screaming at games

5 - Texas man in trouble for using alligator in kidnapping

4 - Costco has sold out of their 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese (that has a 20-year shelf life)

3 - Person decapitated by helicopter in accident at airport outside Tampa

2 - San Francisco McDonald's gets scrub down after homeless man brings in his dead pet raccoon

1 - Lifetime movie at the center of lawsuit after a family portrait shows up in film without consent

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