National Curried Chicken Day

Happy National Curried Chicken Day!! 

Today the Fork Reporter had the chance to interview Lee Tilghman, a famous food blogger.

Lee loves cooking, eating, and sharing her recipes online at her website, Lee From America. 

Many of the recipes she shares to her website and Instagram feed are healthy and plant-based. She's been involved in many aspects of the food industry, including having a part in opening up some high inn restaurants.

As well, she's a speaker, author, and workshop leader.

She has over 360,000 followers on Instagram and you can follow her @leefromamerica. 

During Lee's visit with Neil, they celebrated January 12th, otherwise known as National Curried Chicken Day.

She shared the origin of curry and how others use curry differently worldwide.

As well, she shared many flavorful curried chicken recipes and talked about the health benefits of having curry. 

For more information on Saffron Road, you can visit their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook , or Pinterest.

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