Here's What Could Happen If the Government Shutdown Drags on for Months

Experts have allegedly told NBC News the U.S. would face an "economic hellscape" if the government shutdown lasts "months or even years."

The longest the government has ever shut down is 21 days. The current partial government shutdown is now on day 20. 

Below are the possible effects if the government shutdown moves into the week or month long mark:

  • 38 million low-income Americans lose food stamps
  • 6 million face an uncertain timetable for collecting tax refunds
  • 2 million without rental assistance and facing possible eviction
  • 800,000 paycheck-less federal employees plunged into dire financial straits
  • Closed parks and museums while overstressed airports cause tourism to tank
  • Federal court system slows to a crawl
  • Disaster relief money doesn't get to storm-ravaged areas
  • Lapsed FDA and EPA inspections lead to dangerous outbreaks
  • Private companies looking to go public are stuck in limbo
  • Stock market plummets

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has already seen 1,150 contracts with private landlords housing low-income tenants lapse. Another 500 will expire by the end of this month, and another 550 by the end of February, the agency reports.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has already stopped most food inspections, raising the risk of salmonella, E. coli and listeria outbreaks.

Read more about the dangers at NBC News.

Photo: Getty Images

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