#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

The Bachelor is back! 

And that can only mean one thing, another Bachelor Report with Petros Papadakis!

(I don't know why I wrote that like it's a good thing that the most unbearable show on TV is back.  None of us were looking forward to it.  But, we were looking forward to Petros!  That excitement is real!)

Remember Colton Underwood?

He was on The Bachelorette... No?

Big, tall guy... Still no?

Was on the Chargers practice squad at one point... Really? Don't remember him?

The virgin... There we go! Yep! That guy!

Well, he is the bachelor this season, and there's really nothing to tell you about him other than his virginity.

Like all of the premieres, this one was just a bunch of introductions.  And, since the producers of this show all really, really suck, every girl just had to deliver a super duper funny joke about Colton's virginity...

I'm done.

Can I be done yet?

I know it's only been one episode, but I'm already done.

Still have a hankering for Petros?  You can get as much as you desire at AM570 LA Sports

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