You Look Good, You Feel Good. It’s Prime time!

Amazon delivery and delivery in general is as normal as can be in 2019. It is how we go about getting what we want, when we want it. Say goodbye to standing in long strenuous lines, worrying about an item being in stock, or wasting money on transportation. The Internet is a consumer safari and your credit card is your tour guide.  

It goes without saying that the Internet has become a shopping mall for any item you desire. Which brings forward the question. What motive would one have for shopping any other way?

Reasons arise such as a same day purchase, supporting local business or possibly evading delivery fees. However, certain factors can ruin an online purchase experience one major one being size and/or fitting. 

We’ve all seen comments in the review section of our new shopping website which read that an item was “too small” or “thinner than expected.” This leaves certain clothing items in a questionable state with buyers because although, it may look good on this model how will it look on the buyer? Well, Amazon has put that smirk to good use.

Are we all Prime and ready?... We had too  

Source has listed (at #5) in its article “11 things that will change the way you use Amazon” that Amazon Prime members will now be provided the option to try on clothes before they purchase. In addition, they will also take it a step further with their new service Prime Wardrobe which “ lets you fill a box with several pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories.” Amazon will then allow you to try them on and ship them back for free. Say so long to the days of ugly online returns and let the shopping spree begin!

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