Get out there, DATE! Just do it safely.

Online dating is an easy, go-to way of meeting people and hopefully making a romantic connection. We do it sitting on the couch, standing in line at the grocery store or sitting at a red light. Seriously....

If you are single and interested in finding a mate, you'd be silly to completely ignore such a powerful resource. But the reality is, the world is a tricky, sometimes dangerous, place. So? Just proceed with caution...but PROCEED! 

Wendy talks with Julie Nashawaty. She has started a company that helps online daters know more about what they're getting in to - or WHO. Is that really cute person actually a felon? Married? Looking for money? Julie's company, Aste, can help. It vets and verifies those mysterious could-be's. Julie gives tips and clues to look for so you know if maybe you should just keep swiping.

Check out Aste HERE!

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