Restaurant Removes Sign Over Controversial Name

When Isabelle Jolie finally opens her French-Vietnamese restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire, the line to get in will probably wrap around the block after all the attention it's getting. 

Not necessarily because of the menu (though I'm sure it's lovely) but because of the name.

The name in question: Pho Keene Great, which makes a play on words with the pronunciation of both the dish and city. 

For those who don't know, Pho is pronounced like fuh.

Keene City Manager Elizabeth Dragon has asked Jolie to remove the sign hanging outside, saying she never got permission. 

However, the restaurateur claims it's because the city "deemed our business name as offensive and a permanent sign with our business name, will not be allowed." 

Jolie has posted her battle with the city on Facebook, adding a poll on the offensiveness of the sign which so far 97% of the voters say it's not offensive, but fun.

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