Netflix Binge Watching Leads To A Life Saving Situation

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A young man was sent to bed at 9:30 PM, but instead disobeyed his parent's orders and proceed to stay up all night watching Netflix.

Well, thank goodness he did because it saved his family's life. 

Damir Carter, 13 years old, decided watching the superhero show "The Flash" on Netflix despite his parents telling him to go to bed would be a better choice one night. 

Instead of being grounded for not listening, Damir is now being credited as a hero because he was able to wake up his family when a fire broke out. 

"If he was not awake I don't know the outcome because as soon as I had found out it was about four minutes and my kitchen was in flames," mom Angela Borden said.

Damir recalls that he wasn't sure what was happening when he first started hearing the fire break out. 

However, once he realized it was a fire in the house he immediately started calling for his parents so they could leave the house as soon as possible. 

Sadly this is not the first time the family has lost a home to a fire. 

The cause of this most recent fire was because of a power strip was pulling too much electricity and overheated.

Now the real question remains: will Damir be grounded for not listening?

"He didn't get grounded this time," Borden said.

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