Chipotle Offers New "Lifestyle Bowls"

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New Year, New Resolutions!!

Chipotle is aware of everyone's new diet so they decided to spice things up to please a larger audience. 

The famous Mexican food chain is now offering a new selection of "lifestyle bowls". 

These bowls were made in made to accomodate the Keto, Paleo, Whole30, and Double Protein diet.

It's actually a smart marketing idea. It will bring in more people and already returning customers will be interested in trying these new bowls. 

See what is in each bowl below.

Keto Salad Bowl: Carnitas, Red Salsa, pasture-raised shredded cheese, and guacamole on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce.

Paleo Salad Bowl: Barbacoa, fajita veggies, green salsa, and guacamole on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce.

Whole 30 Salad Bowl: Carnitas, fajita veggies, red tomatillo salsa, and guacamole on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce.

Double Protein Salad Bowl: A full serving of adobo chicken, a second full serving of steak, black beans, red salsa, romaine lettuce, sour cream, and white rice

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