Rose Parade Float Catches On Fire

Photo: KTLA

The 130th annual Rose Parade occurred this New Year's Day.

However, there was a little unexpected twist though. 

A float ended up catching on fire!!

It was completely unplanned and caused a major delay.

The float that was affected was the Chinese American Heritage Foundation's float.

The incident occurred when smoke started to gather on the float near the beginning of the parade on Orange Grove Blvd. 

Luckily, members on board were able to extinguish the fire quickly and no one was hurt.

The Rose Parade called in a tow truck to pull the 95 foot float onto a side street to allow other floats and bands to pass but ultimately failed and caused a huge delay in the parade. 

This delay even made spectators believe that the parade was over. 

“Worst impasse I’ve ever seen at the Rose Parade,” said Los Angeles Times photographer Mark Boster, who witnessed the jam.

Even a tow truck and semi tractor were able to get the disabled float off the street and proceed the parade as normal.

Sometimes things happen, what can you do?

“Everything we do is built by humans,” said Knapp, the float committee chair. “You plan and you plan, but sometimes things go wrong.”

Tune into 1:46.10 for complete coverage of the Rose Parade float from "Funny or Die" members Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

Courtesy of YouTube and Funny or Die.

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