Australia Celebrates 2018... While Actually Ringing In 2019

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Happy New Year!!

We're all excited to bring in 2019!

Australia is one of the first countries to bring in the new year and this year had an interesting twist to the celebration.

They rang in 2018!!

Wait, what?

It's 2019 now..

Well at the Sydney Harbour, the sign lit up to say "Happy New Year- 2018".

This is one of most highly populated events with over one million people at the event and over a billion watching worldwide.

Yikes, what a major mistake. 

Especially at a public event that brings in $133 million annually for the local economy, according to Destination NSW.

"It takes 15 months to organize an event of this size and scale," New Year's Eve executive producer Anna McInerney said. "It was a mistake but we can clarify that it is actually 2019."

"Let's focus on the great stuff that happened last night, it was incident-free despite a little bit of lightning."

Oh well, mistakes happen. At people see the fun in it! 

See some of the Twitter reaction below:

For more information on this story, please visit the Sydney Morning Herald.

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