Homeless Pair Break into Santa Monica Home, Cook Meals and Shower

(Elijah Smart and Markis White: Santa Monica Police Department)

The vagrant invasion is among us.

The Santa Monica Police Department reported an incident Wednesday where a man claimed two homeless men broke into his home, cooked a meal and took a shower.

The resident of the home, Robby Spillman, says the homeless men ate his food, took a shower and treated his Santa Monica apartment like it was their own home. 

"They were able to get on my patio and come in through the back,” Spillman told NBC4. He reportedly found the filthy duo after he came home from Christmas shopping. 

"I saw two homeless men in my home cooking themselves dinner," a shocked Spillman said.

Police identified the intruders as Elijah Smart, 29, Markis White, 19.

"They smelled like they hadn't showered in weeks," he said. "Their clothes were very dirty and ripped."

Spillman said the pair started talking to him and asked if he minded if they "hang out for a while" and said they weren't expecting him back home so soon. 

Spillman said he kept his cool and told the men he was going to take his frightened puppy outside for a quick walk where he managed to call 911. 

Spillman said they left his kitchen a mess, with food left everywhere, along with dirty pots, pans and dishes. 

With a baby due in a few weeks, Spillman and his girlfriend plan to look for a new home. 

"I can't raise my family here," he said.

No Spillman, sadly you really can't. 

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