Instagram Get A New Update.. But Goes Back To Normal Soon After

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The famous social media site, Instagram, decided to do something new with their way of scrolling on the app.

Instead of scrolling vertically, users would now move through their personal feeds horizontally by swiping left or tapping through the photos.

Sounds a lot like Snapchat right?

Well, Instagram users were losing it. 

They went on a complete rage of disbelief on Instagram's rivals site, Twitter, to share in their disgust with the update.

Another interesting thing is that this update only affected iPhone users. Android users were luckily in the clear from this one. 

Well due to backlash, Instagram went back to it's original format.

In a series of tweets, CEO Adam Mosseri, explained that the new feature was a “test” that was released widely by mistake.

“Just a test that went to a few orders of magnitude more people than intended... sorry about that,” he wrote in one tweet.

The company affirmed Mr. Mosseri’s explanation and apologized.

Seems a little fishy to us....

See below from some of the Instagram users and how they reacted.

For more information on the update, please visit the LA Times.

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