MLB Pitcher Pays Off Parents' Debt For Christmas

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Sometimes all we want is to give back to our parents.

We want to thank them for everything they've done for us.

What's a better time than for Christmas?

Well, MLB pitcher Brady Singer had the same idea.

Earlier this year, the MLB team the Kansas City Royals picked pitching prospect, Brady Singer, in the first round during the MLB draft.

Receiving this first-round pick gave Brady a bonus that he choose to use in a different way.

Instead of spending his money or himself, he decided to use his signing bonus on his parents and pay off their debts as their gift for Christmas. 

Wow, what a touching gift!!!

In an emotional video, Brady Singer posted the moment his parents realized what he had given him to his Twitter account

"Thank you for everything you've done to help me reach my dreams," Singer's letter said. "There's absolutely no way I could have done all this by myself. Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face. My smile and appreciation for both of you has never stopped and it never will."  

Wow, what a beautiful gift and touching gift.

Check out the video Singer posted below:

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