Alcohol And Coffee May Be The Key To Living Longer

Photo: Getty Images

We all love our daily cup of Joe!

Alcohol is popular with most of us. 

Well, I have some great news for you!!

People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s are living longer lives in comparison to others according to researchers at UC Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders.

These researchers from UC Irvine have been working on this study since 2003.

For OVER 15 years, they've been acquiring data on what makes people live past 90 years old. 

They say participants in their study who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who abstained from either drink.

In addition, people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than people who were normal or underweight in their 70s.

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