Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - A big space crash likely made Uranus lopsided

9 -  'Man-free' event in Sweden found guilty of discrimination

8 - United Airlines releases cookbook to raise money for charity and prove airline food can be enjoyable

7 - Hershey's Kisses are missing their tips and the company is investigating the mystery

6 - The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem creates a tourism app to control crowds at Jesus' birthplace

5 - Montana man gets shot at while target shooting because he was mistaken for Big Foot

4 -  Bossier City Police Officer arrested for filming himself having sex with multiple animals

3 - Porn star arrested for masterminding murder-for-hire plot

2 - Phallic bush turns heads in Canadian neighborhood

1 - Famous masturbating and slam dunking Oregon zoo otter dies at age 20

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