America's Cheese Stockpile Hits Record High

America is in the middle of a cheese overload. 

Cheesemakers have reportedly stockpiled 1.4 billion pounds of the delicious dairy product, in the biggest hoard the country has ever seen. 

The stockpile works out to 4.3 pounds of cheese for every adult and child in the U.S. and is currently being held in warehouses across the country. 

One of the reasons for the record stockpile is none other than millennials, according to CBS News

Millennials seem to be dismissing processed cheese products like Kraft Singles and Velveeta, instead opting for fancier cheeses.  

President Trump's trade war has also taken a toll on the cheese trade due to China's, Canada's and Mexico's retaliatory tariffs on American cheeses, which have cut U.S. exports. The tariffs have cost dairy farmers about $1 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reports prices for 500-pound barrels of cheese that are used for making processed cheese have declined 28 percent from 2014.

Photo: Getty Images

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