Rich Arons and Rob Paulsen Live In Studio

Emmy Award winning cartoon producer, Rich Arons and American voice actor, Rob Paulsen join Tim in studio to discuss their new song "Jingle Bots" on their animated cartoon, "Two Stupid Robots".

Rob Paulsen has voiced roles in various films, television shows, and video games. Some of his work was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yakko Warner, Animaniacs, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.  In total, Paulsen has been the voice of over 250 different animated characters and performed in over 1000 commercials. He continues to play parts in dozens of cartoons as well as characters in animated feature movie

Rich developed, directed & produced successful Emmy Award winning cartoons for Steven Spielberg, including such hits as Tiny Toons Adventures, Animaniacs and Freakazoid!, winning 2 Emmy Awards and a George Foster Peabody.

In their visit, they shared their new single "Jingle Bots" that was co-produced with Carl Johnson, talked about their new animation of "Two Stupid Robots" and Timmy and Rob bond over their love of Detroit.

To get more information on Rob and Rich, check out their website, Facebook, and YouTube

To hear their new single "Jingle Bots", please listen above!

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