Honduran Diplomats Visiting Tijuana Anger Migrant Caravan

The Honduran ambassador to Mexico showed his support for the migrant caravan, expressing his solidarity with those seeking refuge in the border town trying to get into the U.S.  

“These are our people, we want to do what we can for them,” Alden Rivera, told reporters Saturday. “In Honduras we respect human rights.”

Rivera visited the sports facility that housed more than 2,600 (mostly Honduran) migrants before it closed due to horrible sanitary conditions, in Tijuana. However his November visit triggered angry reactions from a number of camp residents "who labeled the current, U.S.-backed government in Tegucigalpa a corrupt regime that maintains autocratic rule over a largely impoverished society."

“If we had work and a proper government in Honduras we wouldn’t have had to embark on this difficult trip and live outdoors,”complained Maria Ramirez who said she was an outdoor fish vendor back in her hometown in Honduras. “How dare he come here and say he wants to help us!”

Other members of the caravan also criticized Rivera.

“This ambassador and all the other politicos from Honduras should be in jail!” Honduran Hugo Lara exclaimed. “They stole all the money!”

Many of the migrants have talked about acquiring visas for Canada or somewhere else in Europe since it is getting increasingly more difficult to enter the U.S.

U.S. authorities installed new coils of razor wire on border fences in preparation for the large numbers of migrants flooding the border zone

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Photo: Getty Images

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