High School hosting an "Adulting Day" For Students

Photo: Getty Images

A high school in Kentucky is truly getting their students prepared for life. 

Bullitt Central High School just held an "Adulting Conference" for their seniors.

Yes, that's right. An "Adulting Conference" filled with courses that will teach students how to change a tire, cook, and even manage their finances. 

These seniors at Bullitt Central were given one-on-one sessions with a mentor and truly taught a lot of valuable information. 

Some of the other topics included were doing taxes; talking to police officers - especially during traffic stops; and getting homesick when away at college and how to handle it.

This is all valuable information, that hopefully makes a difference in these kids life.

It's very rare for school to go off track and teach their students skills that are used in an adult's everyday life.

Hopefully this trend picks up and spreads throughout multiple high schools in the Unites States.

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