Tips for a Well-Lit Home

Lighting can make or break the appeal of your home and good lighting can do wonders for your favorite spaces. Here are some tips to make your home shine beautifully.


One secret to beautiful lighting design is to mix four different types of light. The first layer is ambient lighting - indirect light the evenly makes the room glow including overheard light and natural light. Next comes task lightning - spotlights including reading lamps and undercover lights. Then you'll want to highlight the room's architecture with accent lights and track lights. Finally, decorative layers like chandeliers and lamps.


Use accent lights to highlight features in rooms that you'd like to draw focus like a painting or fireplace. Uplighting rather than downlighting can be a beautiful way to feature things like a wood-beam ceiling.


Dimmer switches can save energy but also allows you to tone down too bright ambient lighting and create softer tones in your lighting schemes.

For more tips on lighting design and to speak to a professional, check out our friends at Lightstyles in Costa Mesa

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