Charlie Brown Is Coming Back!!!

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Everyone's favorite Holiday program is coming back!!

In a very intense competitive situation, Apple has secured a deal with DHX Media to produce a new version of the iconic "Peanuts" for their upcoming streaming service.

How exciting!! 

The series will be based on the legendary characters created by Charles M. Schulz and will be equipped with Holiday specials and other shorts. 

Because of this new partnership, DHX is required to produce original content that will be exclusive only to Apple. 

As well based on a deal that Peanuts Worldwide has signed with NASA, there will be a special involving an astronaut Snoopy exploring space exploration and the STEM field. 

This is a big partnership for DHX Media, since they acquired the "Peanuts" in May of 2017 in a $345 million dollar deal. 

Schulz debuted the characters in 1950, when the “Peanuts” comic strip was launched in seven newspapers. That comic strip grew into a media empire that now encompasses animated specials, series, and films as well as merchandise and amusement park attractions. Beloved characters include Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Sally, and Woodstock.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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