The Five Hottest Home Design Trends for 2019

Before you get started on updating your home for 2019 take a look at some of these trending predictions:


Are you sick of staring at your toaster, blender, and coffee maker sitting there on your kitchen counters?

A way to combat this look of clutter on your counter tops would be to hidden storage alongside fully integrated appliances for a cleaner look.

--Wall storage

-- Large islands paired with built in appliances and seating 

Cabinet manufacturers are developing sliding and pocket door options that hide cooking and sinks.


We already know about smart dishwashers and laundry dryers that can send a text when they're done instead of the jarring loud BUZZZZZZ but 2019's appliances will be even more helpful.

There are many appliance manufacturers that offer connectivity to the phone or even just voice command. Also, some new smart appliances will allow you to download recipes or connect to your phone to run diagnostics.


Simple, clean lines of organic design when used properly are incredibly beautiful and functional.

Picture: wood, stone, iron, matte black, and tile colors found in nature all contributing to your calming and sophisticated spaces.


You didn't think we were done with tech upgrades did you?

2019 is all about reducing clutter and that includes cords and wires at your charging stations.

Many kitchen counters can be updated to include wireless charging stations ultimately making a cleaner and safer space to juice up your gadgets.


Convection steam ovens and induction stovetops are gaining in popularity making healthy cooking easier and more affordable than ever.

Induction is safe and energy efficient, using magnets to generate heat. It sounds complex but is actually very safe, easy to operate, and can boil water faster than gas or electric coil stoves.

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