Well, our 8th annual KFI PastaThon is in the books and wow, was it a BIG one!

Every year it takes me a little longer to recover from the 19 hour workday so my apologies that this has taken so long to post here. 

From 5am until 10pm on Friday, December 7th, we collected a total of $442,304 and more than 44,000 pounds of pasta & sauce. An absolutely mind blowing number!

BUT wait....there's more!

Donations still came flooding in over the weekend for the PastaThon, and after getting an update from Caterina's Club on what they've collected so far, and adding in the final Smart & Final totals, I have a NEW number for you.

Through 12/12, KFI listeners have raised.... $517,304  and 50,915 pounds of pasta & sauce!!!!

That is absolutely amazing!

We could not do this without the amazing generosity and support of KFI's listeners.  YOU make this possible, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  A HUGE thank you also needs to go out to KFI's amazing staff for what they do to make this event possible. 

If you weren't able to make the event, you can see all kinds of photos from the PastaThon HERE, including my very favorite ones, which you can see above, John Kobylt in yoga pants doing the downward dog and warrior poses for an anonymous $10,000 donation.  I do not know how we will top that one next year, but trust me, we're already thinking about it!


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