OC Toll Users Can Now Pay at 7-Eleven

people can pay for orange county tolls at 7 eleven

IRVINE (CNS) - Toll road users in Orange County cited for failing to pay can now settle their debt at 7-Eleven stores, officials said today.

The Transportation Corridor Agencies, which operates the county's toll roads, is allowing their customers to pay at the company's convenience stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Texas and North Carolina.

Nearly 4,000 payments have been processed with a PayNearMe bar code system. Nearly 70 percent of the motorists who used the system were first-time users of the toll roads.

The PayNearMe system began in October. It allows customers to bring in a toll evasion notice into a 7-Eleven and a store clerk can scan the barcode on the notice to collect a cash payment.

The agency plans to expand to CVS and Family Dollar stores in the spring of 2019 and allow customers who use the FasTrak and ExpressAccount to also pay at brick-and-mortar shops.

The agency operates the 73, 133, 241 and 261 toll roads.

Photo: Getty Images

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