LA City Council To Raise Speeding Limits On Multiple Streets

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Commuters beware!!

It's time to even be more careful of your commute through the Valley.

The Los Angeles City Council has approved an ordinance to increase speed limits on dozens of streets in the San Fernando Valley.

This new ordinance potentially means more tickets for drivers.

This motion still needs approval from the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, but it looks likely the Mayor will approve.

The speed limits would rise on some of the Southland's most familiar thoroughfares, including San Vicente Boulevard through Mid-Wilshire and stretches of Reseda, Victory and Chandler boulevards.

This ordinance plays a big part in more tickets coming out to speeders in these areas, because it resolves a law that prevented police officers from giving out speeding tickets. 

This law required cities to do traffic surveys periodically to set speed limits closer to how fast drivers are actually going. This means that if the speed limit is too low or hasn't been updated in over seven years, then police are not allowed to use their radar guns to give out speeding tickets.

Well the Los Angeles City Council had enough of this law and finally updated their speeding limits in the Valley. 

So, just do yourself a favor and follow the speed limit. 

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