Collectibles Store Using "Toys R Us" Sign To Bring In More Customers

"Toys R Us" is back!

Well, kind of..

Okay, not really.

But a store in Pomona is using one of the old "Toys R Us" signs.

En-Force Collectibles is a collectible store filled with childhood memorabilia such as Star Wars, Hot Wheels, and other classic toys. 

Store owner George Samayoa was looking for some Christmas marketing ideas, when the perfect thought came to him.

Use his "Toys R Us" store sign that he won in auction, as his temporary store sign to attract customers to come do their holiday shopping.

."He said "I've got to get rid of it because my wife gave me hell for it," Samayoa said

Another reason for using the "Toys R Us" sign was to pay tribute to the powerhouse during the Pomona Christmas Parade this year. 

Now I bet you're all wondering, is this legal?

Samayoa says if he's approached by the trademark, he'll take it down, but he hopes to leave it up there for as long as he can. 

"This Toys R Us sign...I think it's going to bring a lot of joy to people," he said. "

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Photo: Getty Images

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