#TastyTuesday: Start Prepping For Christmas Day RIGHT NOW!

Are you hosting Christmas this year?

Yes, we know, it can be overwhelming and it can make even the most veteran of hosts look like rookies.

So, if you want to harness your inner @ForkReporter, START GETTING READY NOW!

It may sound early, but Food & Wine know way more about this stuff than we do, and they actually say you should have gotten started at the beginning of the month.

3-4 Weeks Before

  • Choose your main dish and order the meat to ensure availability
  • Buy entertainment items like games and gifts
  • Buy ornaments and decorations

2 Weeks Before

  • Check your serving dishes and cutlery
  • Pick up wine and other drinks

1 Week Before

  • Buy all non-perishable food items
  • Get your leftover containers together

2 Days Before

  • Buy all perishable food items

Ok, so you know when you should do stuff.  But, what should you do?

The main dish isn't too tricky.  You can always bust out a roast and make the whole crowd happy.

What about the appetizers and snacks, though?

For ideas on those (like fancy cheeses, nuts, and crackers) and to figure out what a "Grazing Table" is, check out The Vindicator.

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