Thank You To Our Listeners Who Donated and Showed Up To The Pastathon

This year's Pastathon was a complete SUCCESS! 

The Conway Crew wants to take a minute to thank our listeners for donating and going to the event!

Your endless support and love doesn't go unnoticed. 

KFI as a team was able to raise over a record breaking, $442,304 and gather over 44,315 pounds of pasta and sauce this year.

Wow!! What an accomplishment.

Chef Bruno and the Caterina's Club feeds over 20,000 kids a week all over the Los Angeles and Orange County. Not only is Chef Bruno feeding kids but he is also helping end the cycle of homelessness by helping families get into a stable housing environment. 

This charity is near and dear to our heart, and we're so glad we are able to contribute to consistently helping Caterina's Club yearly.

Since 2010, KFI and our wonderful listeners have raised over $2,290,304.00 and 384,315 lbs of pasta and sauce.

The KFI team and our listeners truly do make a difference. 

Thank you!!

Here's to raising our numbers even higher in 2019.

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