Tampa Man Donates Lottery Winnings To Education

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Wow, wow, wow... a lucky man is now a millionaire after securing the Florida lottery jackpot at $14.5 million dollars. 

Krishna Barri, an immigrant from India, has admitted to never really playing the lottery. Maybe buying a handful of tickets every once in a while. 

Barri decided to test his luck and participate in the December 1st drawing. 

He headed on over to the Zephyrhills Publix Liquor Store and purchased 10 tickets. 

I mean why not? What does he have to lose?

Well, it was Barri's lucky day because one of his tickets were drawn. 

“21-30-39-44-45-46. I won’t forget those numbers anymore,” said Barri.

Wondering if Barri picked numbers with meaning?

Nope. He just got a random set. 

Think these numbers are going to mean something to him now?

“I started looking at the tickets, the first ticket, second ticket, third ticket. Oh my god, that’s it! It was an amazing feeling,” said Barri. “I called my wife. I said, ‘We got the lottery!’ and she said, ‘Wow, are you kidding me?’ I said, ‘No. That’s true!’”

Now, the real question remains.... How is Krishna Barri going to use his million dollar jackpot?

Buy a car, go on vacation or retire?

None of the above.

Krishna Barri wants to pay his winnings to those less fortunate of him. 

“I’m going to open a trust in India, and I’m going to provide an education for 100 people,” said Barri.

Donating to education is important to Barri because nearly 20 years ago he immigrated to India with the financial help of his brother-in-law in order to study at the University of Southern Florida.

Just like most people now a days, he struggled with going to school and working multiple part time jobs to make ends meet. 

So with his winnings, he wants to give back to other potential students in India, just like his brother-in-law did for him.

Sweetest of all, he plans to donate the earnings in his brother-in-law's name. 

“He’s not here anymore to celebrate with me, but the trust is going to be in his name,” said Barri.

While Barri and his family have a lot more cushion to live with now, he told his IT business partner that he still planned to work.

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