San Diego Migrant Shelter Facing Capacity Issues

A migrant shelter in San Diego that opened seven weeks ago to temporarily house families released by immigration officials is struggling to support the amount of people who need their help. 

Volunteers working at the already full shelter found out late Saturday that immigration officials would be releasing two more busloads of families to their facility.

The first bus, which carried 40 people made up of families seeking asylum, were released by ICE after coming through the asylum line at San Ysidro port of entry or by going over the border barrier and asking the agents that caught them for asylum.

Executive Director of the San Diego Organizing Project, Kevin Malone, said it’s not the first time this week volunteers haven’t known where they were going to put everyone.

“Every day it looks like we may have to leave people on the street,” Malone said. “We’ve been patching this thing together minute by minute. Everyone is really stretched.”

After another busload of migrants came in, a church had offered to take them until space could be made at the shelter.

Groups coordinating the shelter have asked local and state government officials for help, sending a letter to the state on Friday requesting state-owned armories be opened for the families.  

Read more at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Photo: Getty Images

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