New Democratic Supermajority Ready to Spend

The new reality of a Democratic supermajority in the California legislature has some rattled. With an average debt of $1.3 trillion, it seems as though California cannot afford many things the Democrats are proposing to taxpayers. 

The new legislators wasted no time in introducing new bills that would end up costing billions in tax dollars. 

Money to provide Medi-Cal healthcare coverage for immigrants of all ages living here illegally, a big boost in K-12 school funding, and free community college tuition in a student’s second year were all topics brought up at the beginning of the session. 

Democrats haven’t had this much power in Sacramento for 136 years. They occupy roughly three-fourths of the seats in both legislative houses.

It is up to the new governor elect Gavin Newsom to put a rein on the spending. When the bills were first introduced, Newsom told the Sacramento Bee, “All of this will be whittled down and we all will live within our means. We’re not going to deviate from being fiscally prudent."

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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