Gavin Newsom Calls for 'Fresh Start' on California's High Speed Rail

In 2012, Gov. Jerry Brown approved the construction of an expensive high-speed rail system but after an extended construction and finishing date and an extreme overage in budget, many see the train as a waste of important dollars. 

That is except for California's new governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom visited Fresno on Friday and spent the day meeting with influential leaders, telling ABC30 he wants to see the project completed. 

"I've been a long time supporter and I continue to support the Valley to Valley segment but I also think it's time for a fresh start its time to take a more sober, honest assessment of what it is and what it isn't and that's what I intend to do. And frankly I've been critical of some of the financing plans over the past few years but I hope to get it done but with a lot more transparency and a lot more accountability," Newsom said.  

Newsom ultimately wants a fresh start for the bullet train where the partial route between San Francisco and Bakersfield isn't likely to be operational until 2029.

Congressman Jim Costa, is a long time high speed rail supporter and hopes congress and the President will "get behind an infrastructure spending bill that will provide money for high speed rail projects around the country."

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