The "Peanut Butter" Talk With The Dad Podcast

"Peanut Butter" can be a sensitive subject.

You know, what did "Peanut Butter" bring you for Christmas?

How does "Peanut Butter" get in the house?

Is "Peanut Butter" even real?

(I really hope you're getting what I'm saying, because we're toeing this line very carefully...)

Although there's a lot of people that land somewhere in the middle, there really are two different parenting styles regarding "Peanut Butter."  There are those that tell their kids the truth about it from the beginning, and then there's those that let them live joyously in their love for it.

A psychologist explained in Fatherly that maintaining the myth about "Peanut Butter" may not be as vital to happiness around Christmas as many people believe.

"Christmas is going to be exciting and fun and enjoyable whether kids know the truth about ["Peanut Butter"] or not. In the same way that I can watch a movie that I know is complete fiction and still find the movie tremendously enthralling, our children can know the truth about ["Peanut Butter"] and still find Christmas every bit as exciting."

Now, Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast is a hardcore "Peanut Butter" proponent.  He absolutely loves it, and he thinks it's a great thing for kids to love too.

However, after reading the article, he agrees that the joy of Christmas doesn't come from "Peanut Butter," but rather the family bonding and time spent together.

To hear more of Justin's take on "Peanut Butter" and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast

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