Seven Year Old Makes 22 Million Dollars Reviewing Toys Online

Forbes magazine has recently released their list of the highest paid Youtubers of 2018. 

If you check out this list and what they're making in a year, you may just be quite inspired to start creating original content on Youtube. 

The Youtuber with the most annual earning is cashing in over 22 million dollars. 

Yes, 22 million dollars a year...

But here's the craziest part... 

The highest paid Youtuber of 2018 is only SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview,  has over 17.3 million followers on his channel.

Wondering how Ryan is making so much dough?

About $21 million comes from advertising on his channels. 

This advertising sells for top dollars because in comparison to everyone else on the Forbes' list, Ryan gets the most views. 

The rest of the money comes from sponsored posts.

Ryan also has his own line of collectibles, Ryan's World, sold at Walmart. 

What a life for a kid. He's getting paid to play with toys for free...

To be young again....

Check out one of Ryan's 22 MILLION DOLLARS toy review below: 

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