Mayor Garcetti: 'We don’t dismiss people’s fears about building shelters'

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is solving the city's homeless problem "one life at a time!" God bless our mayor yoga pants. 

Garcetti hosted a pre-holiday Thanksgiving feast for the men and women living in the city's first temporary bridge housing site in downtown where he says they thanked him for having a place to sleep at night. 

Over the last four years, LA's Homeless Services Authority has provided permanent housing to more than 32,000 people. 

In his Los Angeles Times article, Garcetti writes:

"The individuals and families living in tents, cars and on our streets aren’t faceless strangers. They’re our neighbors, and they’re in need of housing, healthcare and, most of all, hope."

The City Council has begun building numerous housing facilities for the homeless as part of the project called A Bridge Home. 

They are also reportedly working with business owners and houses of worship to open up parking lots at night for people living in their cars and looking for a safe place to sleep.

Garcetti continued, "At City Hall, we don’t dismiss people’s fears about building shelters throughout the city, but we won’t stop until our work is done."

Read more of his touching story here

Photo: Getty Images

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