Local Restaurant Operators Agree to Friendly Wager Over Army-Navy Game

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Two San Diego County Chick-fil-A restaurant operators today announced a friendly wager based on the outcome of the annual Army vs. Navy college football game on Dec. 8. It's the second consecutive year that Chick-fil-A Santee operator Kyle Steck and Chick-fil-A Grossmont operator Rick Preciado have made a wager. Steck is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate while Preciado graduated from the Army's U.S. Military Academy.

``This annual friendly wager is always a lot of fun, especially for our guests and the fans of both teams,'' Steck said. The loser of the wager must wear the winning team's apparel and do push-ups at the winner's restaurant. The total number of points scored will be the required number of push-ups, according to the two restaurant operators. 

The Army Black Knights beat the Navy Midshipmen 14-13 last year. As a result, Steck had to visit Preciado's restaurant and sing ``The Army Goes Rolling Along,'' Army's branch song.

``I am hoping to be the victor for a second time, especially because Army is having a good season this year, but this ultimately is all about finding common ground in this annual rivalry game,'' Preciado said. Steck served on two Navy ships and retired as a lieutenant in 2011. Preciado spent time in South Korea during his active-duty service and retired as a captain. 

The Black Knights have a 9-2 record this season, while the Midshipmen sit at 3-9.

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