#TerrorInTheSkies: The Russian Plane Ride From HELL

Passengers were boarding a Russian flight at the Tolmachevo airport in Novosibirsk, when they noticed that the plane was a bit... warm.

“I even put my hand to where the air conditioning was coming from and it felt like boiling," Singer Vladimir Shakhrin said. “It was 45C or 50C.”

(That't about 122 DEGREES in Fahrenheit, by the way...)

"The plane was like a sauna - and people started complaining,” he said. “The worst thing was a smell like burning wires, when the insulation starts smelling because of heat."

Other passengers then began demanding for a new plane, and even requesting for the captain to come out of the cockpit.

“Passengers started demanding: 'We are getting off now', 'Stop the plane', 'I don't want to fly, your plane is not OK’.”

The pilot later came out and told everyone on the plane that there was no risk in flying, despite the temperature. So, they took off...

“All flight it was either intensely hot air and nothing to breathe or ice-cold air,” Shakhrin said. “Passengers were in terrible state."

Two women even had to be moved to the cabin crew area for cooler temperatures due to sickness during the flight.

The plane landed at the Russian Investigative Committee in Ekaterinburg after two long, hot hours in the air, and investigators then told passengers that they will "establish all the circumstances of the incident."

A spokesperson for the S7 airlines spoke to The Sun, refuting the reports:

"Information on temperature reaching 50C is not correct. The temperature in the plane indeed was higher than usual, about 30C. Flight attendants offered passengers water and beverages during the whole flight. After landing the aircraft was directed to maintenance specialists for a check-up."

Read the full story on The Sun.

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