Is "Friends" Leaving Netflix Or Not?

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The One With The Netflix Streaming

In 2014, the famous streaming service made huge news when they landed the rights to stream the famous 90's sitcom, "Friends".

For years the hit TV show has had a strong fan base. 

With iconic characters, story-lines, and jokes, fans sure do LOVE their "Friends".

Who doesn't sing along to "I'll Be There For You" and do the three clap?

Everyone has their opinion on who was right when Ross and Rachel were on a break. 

So when Netflix started displaying on their site that the program was set to leave its service on January 1st, people lost it. 

People were not having it. They even started a petition for the streaming service to bring it back.

Dare I say fans were yelling to Netflix to PIVOT their decision. 

Well, I guess Netflix didn't like the backlash because they released a tweet stating that "Friends" will stay on its streaming services through 2019. 

It's been rumored that Netflix was ready to take the show of it's service because Warner Bros will eventually take the rights of the sitcom to their streaming service due to air in 2020.

So fans.....


Friends is here to stay for at least another year.

So grab a blanket, cuddle up, and sing along to "Smelly Cat". 

For more information on the "Friends" fiasco, check out the EW.

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