Democrats Near Mega-Majority in the California Legislature

The new legislature in California will be sworn in Monday and Democrats will occupy roughly three-fourths of the seats in both legislative houses, a power that they have not wielded in 136 years. 

This new mega-majority has some Californians worried as it only takes a two-thirds supermajority to pass tax increases and place constitutional amendments on the ballot. 

Officials are still organizing votes but the latest count in the Assembly was Democrats 60, Republicans 20. In the Senate, it was Democrats 29, Republicans 11 and unfortunately Democrats control every statewide office, including governor. 

California's new democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, has pledged to tackle some of the state's biggest problems most importantly the growing homeless population. 

An estimated 23,000 vagrants live on L.A. streets, giving California the largest homeless population of any state. 

Voters last month approved $5 billion in bonds for various homeless and low-income housing programs but we will see where that money actually goes and if it even does anything to fix the problem. 

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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