#TechTalk: eBay Buying and Selling Tips

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Tech Talk is back! Let Marc Saltzman guide you as he reveals the best tips and tricks when it comes to using eBay to do your online shopping. 

The Holiday season is upon us and gifts will need to be bought whether you do it in store or from the comfort of your own couch. 

eBay is one of the world's top online marketplaces that allows you to buy and sell your items with ease. The company even has an app that lets you bid or buy right from your smartphone or tablet. 

Luckily, Marc breaks it down really simple. For buying, he recommends:

  • Research your product: (Compare prices, shipping charges and return or refund policies for the same item, from multiple sellers.)
  • Buy instead of bid – and counter-offer: (Go ahead and suggest a lower price than the posted amount)
  • Check the history: (Did you know you can easily find out what others have paid for that same product?) 

For selling, he recommends:

  • Use Instant Selling: (Instant Selling is the newest way to earn the most money on your previous generation phones.)
  • Timing is key, price your item right: (Sell your camping gear when summer arrives and not in the dead of winter. Christmas items will do better in early December than March.)
  • Make your post stand out: (Use some eye-catching words in the heading to grab a buyer’s attention. Give clear descriptive headlines.)

Read more of Marc's tips and check out his article here

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