The Secret World Of Fantasy Taxidermy

Forget everything you know about taxidermy.

Well, not the dead, stuffed animals part.  That's still the basis of it.  

But, we're not talking about your basic North Woods Inn bear, your grandpa's mounted deer head, or the rich guy's stuffed water buffalo from his African safari.

Nope, that's not Brooke Weston's speed.

Her speed is a little bit more along the lines of fantasy and magic with a little twist of creepy.

"If Disneyland and a natural history museum got together.  That’s my thing.”

I know, I know.  But just work with me.

Weston likes to take those standard deer, goat, or cow heads (or their whole bodies, as you can see above) and transform them into intricately detailed dioramas.

You saw that correctly.

She basically turned that deer head into a room on a Pirates of the Caribbean ship.

And if you give her a whole goat she'll give you a whole hobbit home.

There's a good chance that you find this super weird.

But, there's also a chance that you're like us and would love to get one of these up in your office.

You can check out her stuff at

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

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