Dogs May Not Be As Smart As We Think

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We all LOVE dogs!

They're our best friends, and we think they just may be smarter than us.

However, there's a new study that's suggesting dogs may not be the brightest of the bunch.

 “There is no current case for canine exceptionalism,” the authors conclude.

Twitter did not take to this new founded information very well. 

Some people truly believe their dogs can read their mind. They can sense our feelings, needs, and so much more.

But apparently that doesn't have them to compare to other animals..

So what is the benefit of having a dog then?

They benefit humans!!

We knew dogs were the best!!

Even after the researchers statistically controlled for age, education, and socioeconomic status, dog owners were significantly less likely to have had a heart attack and significantly less likely to have died from cardiovascular disease than non-dog owners were. 

What’s more, these benefits of dog ownership were largest for single people.

So it sounds like to me, despite this new study, dogs are still the best. 

If you're interested and want to read more on this story at Scientific American.

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