The President Slams CNN and Denies Climate Change Report

Another day, another bone for Trump to pick with the news media...

During a quick media meet up before heading to a campaign appearance, the President spoke out against a Friday report discussing the potential consequences of continued climate change. 

When questioned about the climate report's statements regarding disastrous effects on the U.S. economy, the President said that he didn't believe it. 

Later, the President took to Twitter to attack CNN and their international channel that reaches much of the world.  

Saying that CNN International portrays the country poorly, Trump tweeted: 

The Washington Post reports that this idea could lead to a slippery slope:

Trump’s proposal sparked heated debate online. One group, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, tweeted that the idea is one “widely popular with dictators around the world.”

Others noted that Trump’s tweets were not out of character for the president, who has obsessed over TV coverage of his administration.

Ahead of the 2016 election, speculation had swirled around the possibility of a “Trump TV” channel should Trump have lost his bid for the White House. Such a network never materialized, although Right Side Broadcasting Network, founded by Trump supporter Joe Seales, became something of an unofficial online version.

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