#TastyTuesday: What To Do With Your Turkey Leftovers

So, you have a bunch of turkey left in your fridge.  

It's been five days.

You need to use it now or toss it.

You're not the @ForkReporter.  You don't have that innate cuisine creativity needed to whip up something out of nowhere.

You need a recipe!

Hold on.  Take a breath.

We got you.  (Well, actually, WFMY does...)

Grab your Ziploc full of turkey and give these 9 meals a try!

  1. Leftover Bites - Stuffing+turkey+cheese.  Wrap it on mashed potatoes.  Wrap that in panko.  Fry it.  And that's it.
  2. Turkey Pot Pie Soup - Take that turkey and some veggies and mix it up into a delicious creamy soup.
  3. Chili-Smothered Sweet Potatoes - Use up your turkey in your favorite chili recipe and dump that all over some sweet potatoes.
  4. Shepherd's Pie - Take your turkey and some veggies.  Cover them with those leftover mashed potatoes and some cheese, throw it in the oven and call it a day.
  5. Corn Chowder - Shred your leftover turkey, add some bacon (because you want it to awesome!), some veggies, and get that creamy corn chowder right.
  6. Turkey Taquitos - You know it! Look up whatever taquito recipe you like and use your turkey as the meat.
  7. Carnitas-Style Tacos - I know it sounds crazy, but take your favorite carnitas recipe, sub in your turkey, and turn it into tacos.
  8. Turkey Enchiladas - Same as the last two...
  9. Turkey Casserole - Same as the last three...

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