#MugshotOfTheDay: Wedding Photographer Toes Hot/Crazy Line

Katherine Leigh Mehta - Courtesy of Parker County Jail

(Katherine Leigh Mehta - Courtesy of Parker County Jail)

There's no denying it, most guys on Tinder would swipe right for this girl.

But after one date, we're pretty sure you will have had enough (if you survive).

Katherine Mehta, a.k.a. Max McIntyre, sure is a spunky 26-year-old.

According to New York Post, this wedding photographer decided to spice up a job she had over the weekend in Texas by having sex with one of the guests.

(I know it seems like I'm making a case FOR dating her at the moment, but just wait..)

The security guard at the location confronted her and told her to leave.

You guessed it!  She didn't...

Instead, she walked over to a fountain and started screaming before walking over to a tree and peeing on it.

(Now let the real crazy begin...)

When police showed up to arrest Mehta, she got a little fired up.

She started out by threatening the guest at the wedding.  Then, when she was in the police car, she turned her threats to the officers.

“Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, y’all’s daughters are dead.  My dad is going to find out about this and y’all are [expletive] dead. D-E-A-D.”

(Told ya one date was all you'd want.)

It is believed that Mehta may have mixed Alprazolam with alcohol.

She is facing charges of public intoxication and obstruction/retaliation.

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