Protesters in Mexico Want Migrant Caravan OUT

Hundreds of protesters gathered Sunday in Tijuana, Mexico to express their disapproval of the migrant caravan.

Thousands of Central American migrants could remain in the city for months as they wait to try and claim asylum in the U.S.

The protesters say they have no problem with legal immigration, but rather strongly oppose what they are calling an "illegal invasion."

Some of the protesters even said the Mexican government should look to President Trump's ideas and adopt tougher border policies. 

“He’s defending his border, unlike our president,” protester Elvia Vijeras told NBC News. “Now there will be more violence in Tijuana.”

Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum of Tijuana called the influx of migrants an “avalanche” and said they could possibly end up staying for six months. 

Many of the migrants claim they are fleeing violence and poverty in their home country but protester Francis Belmontes said he believes not all the migrants are safe for the community. He hints that some of the migrants could be gang members and worried for his children's safety. 

“It’s chaos,” Belmontes said. “We’re sounding like Trump’s America here in Mexico.”

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