#MugshotOfTheDay: Look Out For The Lingerie Looter!

Jonah Bergman - Courtesy of Ventura County Sheriff's Department

(Jonah Bergman - Courtesy of Ventura County Sheriff's Department)

Honestly, writing up these #MugshotOfTheDay stories is starting to take a toll on my soul.  

I don't even know anymore.

What's happening to people?

I introduce you to Jonah Bergman.

Bergman is one of those lovely individuals that used fire evacuation orders as an invitation to loot people's homes.

Wouldn't you know it, this 25-year-old parolee has a very specific proclivity.

Women's clothing.

According to Los Angeles Daily News, people returning to their homes in the Woolsey Fire evacuation zone saw Bergman running off with a bunch of clothes.

A few days later, when women's clothing was found in park restroom, park employees checked some surveillance video to see what happened.

As you might expect, they saw Bergman.

As you probably didn't expect, all he was wearing was some women's lingerie and an ankle monitor.

Police finally caught up with Bergman a couple days after that and arrested him for burglary and engaging in lewd conduct.

His arraignment is scheduled for today.

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