Meteorologists Warn Of Smoke Traveling East From California Wildfires

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is warning cities across the country of a smokey forecast, coming all the way from California.

The deadly wildfires in California have caused so much smoke that according to meteorologists, it could be carried as far as Virginia.

Even forecasters in Dallas are expecting to see smoke from the fires on the West Coast. But National Weather Service meteorologist Lamont Bain said that even as the smoke carries out east, "it should disperse as it carries." 

According to Senior meteorologist Tom Kines, the smoke isn't bad enough to actually cause any major health issues.

"The smoke is so high up in the atmosphere. It's kind of diluted anyway as it heads eastward," he said.

The NWS also predicts that the smokey haze will continue moving up the East Coast as the days go by.

Read the full report on NBC.

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