Do Not Feed Your Dogs Xylitol

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We all love our dogs. They're a grand part of our life. Sadly dog owner, Kate Chacksfield has experienced the worst pain possible and has lost her dog, Ruby, due to an xylitol accident. 

Ruby died after eating xylitol, a great (for humans) sugar replacement that’s being used increasingly in foods. But it is lethal for dogs. One small piece of chewing gum sweetened with xylitol (most are – have a look) is enough to kill an 8-10kg dog. One piece. And most dog owners have no idea. Xylitol is found in yogurts, peanut butter, takeaways, cakes… any food that manufacturers want to improve by replacing sugar with a healthier alternative.

Only dog lovers will truly understand this extreme level of grief. So do the research, and look out for xylitol in all of your surroundings. What did your dog pick up from the pavement? What are they eating on in the backyard? 

Even consider the take out food you may give your pup. It's been reported that some restaurants are now using xylitol in their cooking. Even just the slight ingredients may hurt your dog. Don't take the chance. 

If you're not sure about a situation, call the Animal Poison line. You rather be safe than sorry. 

The Animal Poison line has reported over hundreds of deaths from xylitol every year. 

Spread the word. We need all dog owners to be aware of this ‘new’ toxin. We need those who drop gum to know they are leaving a trail lethal to man’s best friend. We need vets to think immediately of xylitol, as well as warfarin, when dogs present with poisoning. We need food manufacturers to clearly label foods with xylitol as “lethal to dogs”.

So please be safe and make sure you double check what your dogs are eating. 

For more information on sweet Ruby's heartbreaking story, please visit Dogs Today

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